Herbal tea or green tea has been around for centuries. Although its exact composition or recipe may vary from one country to another, the main ingredients remain the same. They are leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, and other parts of naturally growing herbs and flowers.

Herbal tea is often compared with coffee for a simple reason- they both offer the “kick” you need to get going in the morning or to get your energy levels up again after a long and hard day. However, there are many reasons why green tea is better than coffee, or the black tea even. These are:

Increased Immunity

According to a study, the consumption of green tea can make your immune system stronger against infection through viruses, bacteria, and fungi, etc. What’s more, researchers found that the immune system blood cells from tea drinkers tend to respond five times faster to germs than did those of coffee drinkers.

Improved Digestion and Low Risk of Heart Diseases

Several studies, including the one published by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, reveal the pharmacological properties of the green tea including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-arteriosclerotic, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-bacterial effects.

Green tea also helps to bring down the cholesterol level, and its absorption in the digestive tract provides many benefits such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disorders and improved digestion.

Other Health Benefits

Multiple studies featured by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show the numerous benefits of a herbal tea. Specifically, that it contributes towards your fitness and wellness. For instance, the antioxidants found in the green and white tea can boost your metabolism and help in weight loss. Similarly, natural compounds polyphenols that are found in the herbal tea may lower the risk of the cancer of lungs, skin, breast, etc.

Green Tea Vs. Normal tea (Black Tea)

Black tea is one of the most popular hot beverages in India. However, green tea quickly proves to be a much better alternative for the following reasons:

  • Compared to the black tea, green has a modest amount of caffeine per cup (only 9-50 mg against the black tea’s 42-72 mg). So, switching to green tea can help prevent insomnia, restlessness, etc.
  • Green tea help boosts your metabolism which helps with digestion and prevention of heart diseases. The black tea also offers these benefits but to a lower extent.
  • The herbal tea is rich in epigallocatechin gallate, a type of catechin that helps in fighting many types of cancers.
  • Green tea is found all over the world and is thus available in a huge However, the variations of black tea are few.

The Green Tea Catalogue

If you are new to herbal tea, it is natural to be confused with where to start. For your help, below are some of the most popular green teas from which you can pick one for yourself depending on your taste and needs:

  • Hibiscus Tea: Known for its antiviral properties. Helps with oxidative stress and high blood pressure.
  • Ginger Tea: Makes your immune system stronger. Highly effective for indigestion or constipation.
  • Chamomile Tea: Helps with sleep disorders. Known for its anti-inflammatory and liver-protecting properties.
  • Sage Tea: Improved mood, improves memory and other mental functions.

In a world where new diseases rise faster than cures are found for the existing ones, even a small lifestyle change can make a big difference to your health. Since switching to green tea can alone make a huge difference, it only makes sense for you to give it a shot at the very least.